Opposite Sides are an Italian metal band from Rimini formed by guitarist Massimo "Arke" in 2000 with the purpose of writing and playing Technical Death Metal. Soon, drummer Stefano Franchini (Entity) and guitarist Fabio "Amon 418" Bartolini (Hate Profile, ex-Baratro) joined the band, forming the early line-up that started to rehearse and compose the first songs.

In 2002, S.B Hypnos (Hortus Animae) became the bassist of the group and Opposite Sides recorded "The Eclipse of Existence" EP at Fear Studio. Shortly after the band split up because of personal problems and remained totally inactive for one year and a half, leaving the recordings without vocals. Only in April 2004 "The Eclipse of Existence” was completed thanks to Martyr (Hortus Animae), that at the beginning played the role of guest singer, and then joined the band as official vocalist.

During the following period, due to the lack of a permanent bassist, Arke and Amon 418 were obliged to define better their roles. Arke became the guitarist of the band, whereas Amon the bassist. In 2006, the band recorded the debut album, entitled "Soul Mechanics", featuring Diego "Grom" Meraviglia (ex-Ancient, Hortus Animae) as session drummer.

With the passing of time, the music style began to change direction, going beyond a more complex and mature song-writing. Influences coming from progressive rock and electronic/industrial sounds were added to the metal riffing, scream vocals were enriched with melodic clean choruses forming an original and modern style of extreme metal. In 2008 the band signed a contract with the Spanish label Mondongo Canibale that released "Soul Mechanics" worldwide in February 2009.

When vocalist Martyr decided to leave the band because of personal reasons, Arke decided to take care also of all the vocals just like he did at the beginning.

In 2010, Opposite Sides signed to UK label Rising Records and released the second album "Lost Inside". The band started to played gigs in Italy to promote it and received good reviews in Europe.

Currently, OS are working on new stuff but the new album hasn't been scheduled to be released yet.


Massimo "Arke" - vocals, guitars
Andrea Giunchi - guitars
"Samian" Benati - bass
Claudio Tirincanti - drums

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