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"Lost Inside" media quotes
"As musically magnificent as expected, nonetheless, with multi-faceted guitar showings, especially on the rhythm element, here is the sound of another technical metal masterwork guaranteed to send you flying against the opposite side of the room in its power." 9/10 -
"Tracks like 'Still Feel You', 'Leave Me Alone' and the excellent album closer 'It’s Up To You' are big, modern sounding anthems with vocals in the style of the more melodic side of Metallica almost meets Linkin Park." - Get Ready To Rock
"Yeah, quite an apt name for this Italian band incorporating many elements into their style music be it techo thrash to prog to emo to dance dub beats! Being Italian, it's all done in a very stylized way." -
"Thunderous bass heavy grooves, syncopated quasi futuristic riffs and overwrought bellowing. As hybrids go, this Italian band's sound is curiously effective and brims with self assurance. Exemplified by the insanely catchy Kill Me Everyday, this is potent stuff." 7/10 - metal hammer UK
"Opposite Side is a promising hope in the modern Metal/Alternative genre. Opener Still Feel You makes clear that heavier sounds prevail and that mass-appeal in form of softer or mushier songs is totally out of question. " 7/10 -
"Italians Opposite Sides come on like a latterday Voivod on Lost Inside (Rising). This is prog metal, with some very clever touches. Just as you think that perhaps they’ve lost their way musically, suddenly there’s a blaze of glorious brutality. It works." -
"'Lost Inside' appare come un concept: si parla di rapporti, di amore, della vita in generale, e ogni brano sottolinea con cura un'emozione nello specifico. " 78/100 -
"Il loro genere è un incrocio fra metal, industrial e prog ’70, ottimamente supportato da una voce ottima che sa sorprendere, in grado di enfatizzare tutte le tracce." 8/10 -
"Una prova di maturità importante questo secondo lavoro in studio per i riminesi che hanno abbandonato le trame industriali dell'esordio preferendo una dimensione più rock oriented e progressive." -
"...the Italian quartet (trio on recording the album) are amongst the next wave of Italian metallers and are sure to send the Vatican a clear message, metal is not evil, it is not the devil's music and that it is more likely to get 'Lost Inside' the Holy See than Rome." 8/10 -
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